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A Tribute to the Essence of Water and its Pure and Precious Beauty.

Fantini Re-Emerges with a Message of Hope and Rejuvenation.

On the shores of Lake Orta in Northern Italy, Fantini is immersed and inspired by the harmonious marriage of water and form. The spiritual landscape informs Fantini’s clean, pure design that seems to magically spring from the lake itself.

Fantini’s commitment to the dream of giving water its best form is the reason why they have become one of the most innovative and trend-setting manufacturers of high-quality luxury faucets and shower systems in the world. Thoughtful consideration is core to the company’s genetic makeup which infuses a blend of fine artisanal skills and industrial technology combined with the creative contribution of the world class architects.

With the gift of a Springtime blossom to give them the energy to start again post-pandemic, Fantini reopens its doors and its eyes to all the wonder and beauty of nature. In the video below, Daniela Fantini shares the importance of positive thoughts and personal relationships.

Fantini recognizes the importance of personal wellness and relaxation. By offering luxurious shower systems that transcend the shower experience to the realm of extraordinary pleasure, the company delivers on their belief and commitment to bringing forms that highlight the spiritual essence and healing qualities of water. 

Sometimes all we need is a hot shower.

What is more soothing than one set of rainwater jets? Two sets rainwater jets. The Fantini Acquafit shower gives you the experience of two sets of rainwater jets, and when combined with the chromatherapy feature, this multisensory experience takes you out of your day to day and into a world of serenity and rejuvenation.

Photo by Julie Soefer

The Milano shower head features a sleek, chrome dual-functioning rain and waterfall to give you a full body experience. Paired with gray patterned tile, this bathroom, designed by Jennifer Loh, is both soothing aesthetically and in practice. The designer believed Fantini was essential for providing rejuvenation, tranquility, and renewal. Speaking about the shower she says, “The Milano double shower heads used in the shower and at the bench accompanied by the angled Belvedere body sprays deluge the client with an amazing body massage either standing or seated.”

Nothing says “me time” like a bath. It is no secret that baths provide a way to wind down and take a few minutes – or more – of rest from a tiring day. Designer Leopoldo Rosati included Aboutwater by Boffi and Fantini Fukasawa fixtures in this zen-inspired bathroom project to complete the space with simplicity, tranquility, and elegance. Speaking to his choice of Fantini, Rosati says, “With such a geometrically molded room, the presence of the stainless-steel fixtures by Fukasawa adds the perfect accessory to an elegant but minimal outfit.”


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