Product Details

MASTER New LED Lighting
  • Bright, energy efficient LED lighting from top and sidewalls.
MASTER Spillproof Plus
  • New Spillproof Plus™ Shelves with Nano technology create an invisible barrier to contain spills and maximize usable space. 3/8" thick tempered glass shelves provide industry leading durability.
MASTER Adjustable Humidity Zone Drawers
  • Produce the freshest leafy vegetables and fruits in moisture-adjustable drawer(s) with soft-close feature.
MASTER ProChill Temperature Management
  • ProChill™ Temperature Management System with variable speed DC Overdrive™ compressor. Single compressor system includes the quietest compressor available. Electronic controls provide precise temperature management with digital readout.
MASTER Metal Door Bins
  • Metal door bins provide enduring performance to securely store heavy items.
MASTER Plasmacluster
  • The Plasmacluster™ Ion Air Purifier uses ions to eliminate airbourne bacteria and mold spores, remove odors and enhance food preservation. Plasmacluster™ is a trademark of Sharp Corporation.
MASTER New Robust Hinges
  • Robust DuraHinge™ allows optimal door rotation and maximum durability.


General : Variable Speed DC Overdrive Compressor

General : Single compressor system

General : Electronic Controls maintain temperature within 1 degree

General : Odor Eliminator Evaporator removes odors and excess humidity

General : Maintenace free Super Clog Resistant Condenser

General : Refrigerator Section - Exclusive Plasmacluster Ion Air Purifier to eliminate bacteria,mold and odors

General : Refrigerator Section - Plus Shelves with Nano technology

General : Refrigerator Section - Bright LED LIghting form top and sidewalls

General : Refrigerator Section - Ramp on theater lighting

General : Refrigerator Section - Two in the door dairy compartments

General : Refrigerator Section - Four deli drawers with soft close slides

General : Refrigerator Section - Two adjustable Humidity Zone Drawers with solf close slides

General : Refrigerator Section - Additional storage area for large pizza box storage

General : Refrigerator Section - Four (3 adjustable ) Aluminum door bins

General : Refrigerator Section - Adjustable door stops 90, 110 and 120 degrees

General : Freezer - Two slide out wire baskets

General : Freezer - Three adjustable aluminum door bins

General : Freezer - Adaptive defrost controls the timing of defrost period

General : Freezer - Factory installed automatic ice maker

General : Freezer - 3 adjustable wire shelves

Viking Model # FDSB5483

48" Side-by-Side Refrigerator/Freezer

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