PRO 48 - Legacy Model

Model # 648PRO
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Energy Cost Per Kwh : 0.12


Door Clearance : 30.75

Drawer Clearance : 14.5

Plumbing Supply : 1/4" OD copper, braided stainless steel or PEx tubing

Plumbing Pressure : 35 - 120 psi

Electrical Supply : 115 VAC, 60 Hz

Electrical Service : 15 amp dedicated circuit

Weight : 880

Features : This is a legacy model. For the most up-to-date features and benefits, consider the newest model offering (found on our product search page). 

Features : Install directly within surrounding cabinetry for built-in, or add accessory panels for freestanding

Features : Makes an iconic stainless-steel statement, inside and out

Features : Preserves refrigerated foods with cool, moist air and frozen foods with frigid, dry air

Features : Locks in temperature and humidity with soft-close door hinge and magnetic seal on doors and drawers

Features : Controls temperature within one degree of setpoint

Features : Automatic ice maker with advanced water filtration system

Features : Control brightness with soft-on LED lighting


Freezer : 4 stainless-steel freezer shelves (3 adjustable; 1 stationary)

Freezer : 2 freezer drawers with adjustable dividers

Freezer : Automatic ice maker with removable ice container


Refrigerator : LED side lights

Refrigerator : 4 glass refrigerator shelves (3 adjustable; 1 stationary)

Refrigerator : 1 glass crisper lid

Refrigerator : 2 stainless-steel slide-out bins

Refrigerator : 2 freezer drawers with adjustable dividers

Sub-Zero Model # 648PRO

PRO 48 - Legacy Model

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