Plum Delivers the Perfect Glass of Wine Every Time

Make the Most of Staying at Home with Your Very Own Virtual Tasting Room Experience 

Preserve, Chill & Pour Wine as the Maker Intended for up to 90 Days with a Plum Wine Dispenser

With this high-tech gadget, you won’t mind sheltering at home. The technology behind the 7” touch screen display does all of the thinking and work for you. All you do is pop in the bottle. Plum scans the label, identifies the vintage, varietal region, winery and wine, uncorks, pressurizes and sets the exact temperature. In a manner similar to a sommelier, you are shown the labels of the wines you have “on tap” in side by side images (Capacity is 2 bottles at a time). Thereby leaving you with just one decision at the end of your day… “White or red?”

Blending seamlessly into the cabinets right alongside your built-in coffee maker, the Plum Wine dispenser is a “Must Have” for the modern kitchen. Whether you are entertaining guests or just staying at home alone due to quarantine, Plum perfects your wine drinking experience. 

Plum is also available as a sleek freestanding countertop accessory. The exterior features a molded, stainless steel brushed outer shell, giving it a timeless look that works well with any room design. The interior tubing and chamber lighting are made from winery-grade materials and was inspired by those found in the staves of a wine barrel. At a slim 15-inches wide, Plum easily fits on any standard-height and -depth kitchen counter making Plum the most convenient way to drink wine leisurely.  

Scientifically perfected for optimal use, Plum protects your fine wine assets. The motorized needle, designed to pierce through foil and closure, prevents oxidation and heat damage by pumping argon gas in when wine is poured out. Each integrated, refillable argon canister can preserve up to 150 bottles of wine. Two thermoelectric solid-state cooling chambers chill each bottle to its ideal temperature automatically to keep the wine from spoiling. Additionally, the built-in cleaning system ensures each glass poured is as close to perfect as possible. 

Inspired by Modern Aesthetics and Classic Wine Making Materials, the entire system was designed with a high attention to detail in order to capture the culture and essence of wine making in a sophisticated and timeless way.



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