Learning to Exhale

Dr. Amir Vokshoor of Neurovella Brain Spa Guides Us Through Diaphramatic Breathing Exercises

We may be known for our kitchen and bath knowledge and showrooms at Snyder Diamond, but the latest trends in design, wellness, health and technology underlie everything we do. Which is why we want to share one small, actionable wellness technique that anyone can do right now, an exercise that can even help fortify your lungs and strengthen your immune system: diaphragmatic breathing.

Diaphragmatic breathing isnt a new technique, but right now—as we face the biggest health crisis of our generation and deal with a novel coronavirus that damages our lungs and immune systems—exercises that can strengthen those very systems are important. If you can count, you can do this simple exercise. It also pairs easily with any meditative practice. 

In the videos below, Dr. Amir Vokshoor of The Institute of Neuro Innovation and Neurovella Brain Spa in Santa Monica explains and demonstrates diaphragmatic breathing. Dr. Vokshoor is a board-certified neurosurgeon who specializes in the minimally invasive surgical treatment of brain and spinal disorders, and he champions a comprehensive approach to neurological well-being. 

One of our biggest weapons is to strengthen our pulmonary system and our immune system,” he says, referring to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Its why hes been practicing diaphragmatic breathing and focusing on breathwork himself. We think it not only affects the autonomic nervous system but it affects the resilience of the body, as well as—and this is not a claim Im willing to make lightly—it could modulate the immune system as well.”

Watch below, breathe deeply with us, and accept our best wishes for your continued health and safety.

Video 1: Introduction to Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercise 100-70


Video 2: Advanced Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercise 100-0

Dr. Vokshoor and his team offer private instruction at Neurovella Brain Spa in Santa Monica. 

In a philanthropic effort to supply PPE for everyone on the front lines, his non-profit organization- INI- is fundraising for the purchase of N95 masks. If you wish to donate to the cause, please visit here:

Neurovella Brain Spa

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Inspiration + Ideas Learning to Exhale

Dr. Amir Vokshoor of Neurovella Brain Spa Guides Us Through Diaphramatic Breathing Exercises

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