36" Electric Downdraft Cooktop with 5 Elements

Model # KCED606GSS
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Product Details

Downdraft Ventilation
  • Integrates the ventilation system into the cooking surface so that a separate hood is not needed. Smoke and odors can be removed and taken outside or filtered and recirculated inside. A duct-free kit is available for purchase separately.
Hot-Surface Indicator
  • Provides a clear indication that lets you know if any cooking surface is on or still hot.
Pure Color Ceramic-Glass Surface
  • Comes in saturated colors with stainless steel control knobs for a sophisticated, easy-to-clean appearance.
Stainless Steel Knobs
  • Enhance the look of the cooktop surface with sturdy construction that adds to their premium feel.
8'' Round Element
  • Efficiently heats a commonly used pan size and can reach a power output of up to 1800 watts for every day use.
6'' Round Element
  • Can reach a power output of up to 1200 watts to handle your daily cooking needs.
10'' Even-Heat™ Ultra Element with Simmer Setting
  • Provides more versatility for high and low temperature cooking techniques. Even-Heat™ Technology maintains a constant supply of power and delivers a range of simmer settings.
6'' Even-Heat™ Element with Melt Setting
  • Combines the benefits of Even-Heat™ Technology with a dedicated setting that reaches the low temperatures needed to melt chocolate or butter without scorching.
300 CFM Exhaust Rating
  • Handles the venting requirements of high temperature cooking techniques like pan searing and stir-frying.
3-Speed Fan Control
  • Can be precisely matched to cooking needs, effectively removing steam, grease, and odors from the air.
CookShield Finish for Glass Surface
  • Protects the cooktop surface from scratches, helping keep it looking pristine even with frequent use.
12''/9'' Double-Ring Element
  • Lets you use different cookware sizes at one location. When using large, 12-inch cookware the entire element surface is used. For smaller cookware, you’ll use only the 9-inch inner element.
Convertible to Duct-Free Ventilation
  • Allows a downdraft cooktop to be placed nearly anywhere in the kitchen using a duct-free conversion kit (not included). This filters and recirculates the air without running ductwork, ideal for kitchens with installation restrictions or ducting limitations.
Power-On Indicator Light
  • Lets you know at a glance when an element is on.

ADA Compliant

ADA Compliant : No


Amps : 40

Annual Energy Usage [kWh]

Annual Energy Usage [kWh] : 258

Automatic Pan Detection

Automatic Pan Detection : No

Center Front Element-Burner Power

Center Front Element-Burner Power : 3200W

Center Front Element-Burner Size

Center Front Element-Burner Size : 10"

Center Front Element-Burner Type

Center Front Element-Burner Type : Even-Heat™ Ultra

Center Rear Element-Burner Power

Center Rear Element-Burner Power : 1200W

Center Rear Element-Burner Size

Center Rear Element-Burner Size : 6"

Center Rear Element-Burner Type

Center Rear Element-Burner Type : Single

CFM Motor Class

CFM Motor Class : 300


Controls : Knobs

Cooktop Element Style

Cooktop Element Style : Radiant

Cooktop Surface Color

Cooktop Surface Color : Black

Cooktop Surface Material

Cooktop Surface Material : Ceramic Glass

Cooktop Type

Cooktop Type : Downdraft

Cutout Width(IN,inches)

Cutout Width(IN,inches) : 34 9/16


Depth(IN,inches) : 22 1/16

Digital Display

Digital Display : No


Carton Depth : 26 7/16 inch

Carton Height : 23 13/16 inch

Carton Width : 41 1/2 inch

Gross Weight : 70 inch

Net Weight : 57.0 inch

Dimensions|Cutout Depth(IN,inches)

Dimensions|Cutout Depth(IN,inches) : 21 1/8

Downdraft Vent

Downdraft Vent : Yes

Fuel Type

Fuel Type : Electric

Heating Element On Indicator Light

Heating Element On Indicator Light : Yes


Height(IN,inches) : 3 5/8

Hot Surface Indicator Light

Hot Surface Indicator Light : Yes


Hz : 60

Infinite Heat Controls

Infinite Heat Controls : Yes

Installs Over Built-In Oven

Installs Over Built-In Oven : No

Knob Color

Knob Color : Color Coordinated

Knob Type

Knob Type : Metal

Left Front Element-Burner Power

Left Front Element-Burner Power : 1300W

Left Front Element-Burner Size

Left Front Element-Burner Size : 6"

Left Front Element-Burner Type

Left Front Element-Burner Type : Even-Heat™

Left Rear Element-Burner Power

Left Rear Element-Burner Power : 1800W

Left Rear Element-Burner Size

Left Rear Element-Burner Size : 8"

Left Rear Element-Burner Type

Left Rear Element-Burner Type : Single

Location of Controls

Location of Controls : Right Side

LP Convertible

LP Convertible : No

Maximum Height(IN,inches)

Maximum Height(IN,inches) : 18 3/4

Number of Cooking Element-Burners

Number of Cooking Element-Burners : 5

Number of Open Bays

Number of Open Bays : NA

Number of Speeds

Number of Speeds : 3

Power Boost

Power Boost : No

Power Cord Included

Power Cord Included : No

Power Outage Compatible

Power Outage Compatible : No


ProductOutletCategories : Cooking

Prop 65

Prop 65 : Standard

Right Rear Element-Burner Power

Right Rear Element-Burner Power : 3000W

Right Rear Element-Burner Size

Right Rear Element-Burner Size : 12"/9"

Right Rear Element-Burner Type

Right Rear Element-Burner Type : Dual-Stacked Burner


Selections : DownDraft

Size (in.)

Size (in.) : 36


UL : Yes


Volts : 220

Width (IN,inches)

Width (IN,inches) : 36 5/16

KitchenAid Model # KCED606GSS

36" Electric Downdraft Cooktop with 5 Elements

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