Freestanding Smoker Cabinet

Model # K-SMOKE-42-R
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Product Details

  • 42-inch freestanding smoker cabinet with 44-inch wide by 32-inch deep solid surface countertop
  • Insulated, gravity-feed design for efficient heat and smoke
  • Computer-controlled blower system for fool-proof temperature control
  • Contains 3 large adjustable shelves, 17-inches wide by 25-inches deep, with a total of 3.86 cubic feet available for food inside the pit. This is more than enough for 3 whole packer briskets, 9 whole rib racks, or 2 large turkeys.
  • 120V AC 60HZ 3Z, connect with standard outdoor electrical cord
  • Crafted by hand in Michigan
  • pre-production model shown, for production specifications, please refer to dimensions drawings
  • Choice of Arctic White or Nero Black colors for the easy-to-clean, stylish, solid surface porcelain worktop
  • All products crafted from highly durable 304 stainless steel
  • Marine-grade stainless steel available as an option for clients who prefer additional corrosion resistance. Increases standard lead times by 2 weeks.
  • For outdoor use only
  • Maintain 6-inches clearance between sides and back and any combustible surfaces
  • Do not use on or below combustible surfaces
  • See owner's product manual for installation and product use information

Kalamazoo Model # K-SMOKE-42-R

Freestanding Smoker Cabinet

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