How Wade Weissmann Is Managing His Busier-Than-Ever Workload

The Santa Barbara-Based Architect Believes Creativity is Key to Well-Being, and He is Taking Inspiration from Nature.

From behind the watercolor sketch of a pending project in Montecito on his desk, the architect paints a picture of his idyllic WFH life that appears to be filled with “magical” amounts of good fortune in a series of videos. Read on and watch to learn how he is meeting the challenges of a surge in new business, appreciating the nuances and aromas of nature, finding inspiration to fuel creativity, and taking time out to nurture one’s own personal well-being.

As the founder and principal of his eponymous architecture firm, Wade Weissmann has spent more than twenty years specializing in classically inspired, heirloom-quality estates in a variety of genres around the world, with offices in Santa Barbara, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, and soon, Nashville. While his work had previously seen him frequently on the road for site visits, social events or overseeing the 40+ architects and designers of the firm, he’s currently sequestered a charming old cozy beach cottage overlooking the Pacific in Summerland, where he’s lived for about a year.

A sooner-than-expected surge in new business inquiries has the architect feeling “extraordinarily lucky, blessed actually.” “I would say that this is probably on par with the busiest times we’ve had,” he explains about the one Covid challenge we would all like to be having. “We find ourselves working really hard to keep up with the requests. And I’m thrilled about it. It’s been really magical.”  


While he’s got plenty to say in every video he created for us, what resonated was his unapologetic dedication to maintaining his excitement about his design work—yes, even in the midst of a pandemic, where there’s a torrent of important other information swirling around us all, at any given moment. From Wade’s perspective, “Staying inspired is part of wellness—from an emotional, physical and even spiritual standpoint. And protecting and safeguarding your wellness is really important.”

His greatest inspiration and advice to others is “taking time to be inspired by the beauty of nature… Get away from that desk, no matter how hard it is... End that Zoom call a little earlier,” he says. “This is a time to reinvent ourselves. There’s a lot of hidden gifts during this time, like getting a chance to spend a little more time at home or getting a chance to really appreciate all the things we once took for granted—like getting together with friends without paranoia. Now I really enjoy the things that are a little bit more simple, like taking a walk or just being outside.” 

Another silver lining to the social distancing is how it has actually allowed him to get to know certain Interior Designers better… virtually. Wade recalls, “Watching videos from designers who I have never met before but have now been able to see what they are like and how they feel about their work has been a very valuable takeaway. It’s also broken down some barriers of me being afraid to put myself out there.”

In that vein, Wade's authenticity and warmth are apparent in the video content he created for Design In Exile. Here we are giving a little peek into what he calls his “low-tech” home office (including his “old school” pencil sharpener and tracing paper!) as well as a commissioned portrait of his mother with a touching tribute to her larger-than-life influence. 

Picture of Wade's mother in his office.

Follow along with his work on Instagram @wadeweissmannarchitecture or see more recent images below.

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Design In Exile How Wade Weissmann Is Managing His Busier-Than-Ever Workload

The Santa Barbara-Based Architect Believes Creativity is Key to Well-Being, and He is Taking Inspiration from Nature.

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