Product Details

  • In a busy kitchen where timing is everything, our Warming Drawer gives you the freedom to keep plates or cups warm while you continue to cook.
  • Cleaning and care of the Warming Drawer is simple. After each use, just wipe out the smooth glass interior with a damp cloth.
  • At 24” wide, with enough room to gently heat six place settings, our Warming Drawer is an ideal kitchen companion.
  • Our Warming Drawer comes in either a stylish black reflective glass or brushed stainless steel.  


Cappuccino cups : 20

Espresso cups : 48

Maximum allowable weight : 66lbs

Place settings : 6

Usable height : 3 1/4"


Easy clean smooth-glass base : true


On/Off indicator : true

Stainless steel buttons with glowing halos : true

Two automatic timers : 1 + 2 hour


UPC Code : 822843815784


High : 149°F

Low : 113°F

Medium : 131°F

Power requirement

AMP draw : 4A

Supply frequency : 60Hz

Supply voltage : 110 - 120V


Automatic turn off after 12 hours : true

Full extension slides : true

Soft closing mechanism : true

Style And Series

Product Style : Contemporary


Warranty : 2 years

Fisher and Paykel Model # WB24SDEB1

24" Warming Drawer

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