Cook-N-Dine's Teppanyaki Grill

This indoor, interactive grill will reinvent the way you cook.

We love Cook-N-Dine’s brilliant teppanyaki-style grills. It’s as simple as that. With their speed, efficiency, fun and practicality, they’re something everyone should consider for indoor and outdoor kitchens. Or, check out the portable unit and have it both ways! Whether guests watch or participate, it brings everyone together in a wonderfully interactive way.

Say What?

Cook-N-Dine grills are designed for teppanyaki-style presentation cooking at home. The traditional Japanese technique uses a flat metal surface to prepare food in front of guests (think Benihana chefs delighting you with their culinary acrobatics) but it’s essentially a flat top griddle (think eggs and bacon) or what’s called in Spanish cooking, “a la plancha.” With a powerful 1800-watt heating element on 120V (or 2250-watts with their ProStyle units on 240V), the surface heats rapidly up to 450° F for speedy searing and grilling.

And because the company creates a variety of models and sizes, the electric grills can be integrated into your countertop or kitchen table, or installed as part of your outdoor kitchen. They also make innovative tabletop and portable models. Flameless, they’re especially suited to condos, small patios and even yachts.

How does it work?

The grills are made in Germany with an electric, smooth-top hotplate and patented “Shallow Dip” technology. That’s the crazy cool part. When the grill is on and heated, the very central portion of the cooktop dips down to create a shallow cooking well. (A case of thermal expansion toward the heat source underneath.) A second temperature zone surrounding that central cooking portion is a warming area designed to be 50-percent lower than your chosen cooking temp. A third temperature zone on freestanding models is a cool zone that serves as a dining surface. When the units are turned off, the surfaces revert back to flat. Bright idea: If you’re entertaining and focused on oven or range cooking, the teppanyaki grill can double as a staging area or warming surface. So smart.

And how do you clean it?

Deglaze it! Food residues can easily be “cooked off” with a little water. Reheat the unit until the water bubbles and use a non-scratch, straight edge spatula to loosen the bits. Let cool and wipe clean. Gentle cleansers like Bar Keeper’s Friend can be used if needed—just always go with the “grain” of the stainless steel, not in circles. The surface can also be simply be wiped with fresh lemon for cleansing and a little vegetable oil to remove any finger prints.

Want to know more?

Visit one of our showrooms! And if you get one, post and tag us in your pictures. We’d love to see what clever ways you’re using them!

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