Build “Me Time” Into Every Shower

The Keuco meTime Home Spa 

Keuco's sleek meTime design brings a refined home spa experience to the bathroom. With a variety of sizes, formats and finishes to match your design aesthetic, as well as a comprehensive range of functionalities and shelving options, meTime is ideal for those looking for more than an average shower system without compromising space and functionality.

“Aesthetics in the bathroom is our passion. We are always searching enthusiastically for new forms, new materials and new technologies. A search for the perfect synergy of the sensible and the sensuous."  Hartmut Dalheimer, Managing Director of Keuco

Design and Comfort Harmoniously Combined 

Available in a variety of sizes, meTime integrates control elements and generous shelf space in a uniquely stylish way. In the portrait (vertical) model three aluminum shelves offer ample space for your favorite shower accessories. For those who prefer a more slender and compact form, the landscape model is a perfect solution. Ideally suited as bathtub thermostat, it comes with the control elements positioned on the right or the left. With a simple motion of the hand you control exactly the water draw-off points that are right for you at that moment. 

Delightfully Flexible 

Depending on the model you choose, it is possible to have adjusters for one, two or even three water draw-off points. With their perfect chrome-plated finish, the head and hand showers, waterfall showers, bath spouts and spa hoses (ideal for alternating temperature treatments) are a daily treat, both visually and sensory.

A Touch of Color 

The glass panel (meticulously polished, high-quality safety glass), set off by aluminum shelves, is available in seven different colors, to perfectly harmonies with your own personal furnishing style: Truffle and Anthracite (seen below), Petrol, Cashmere, Cashmere Satin, White, and White satin. The glass's special easy-to-clean and hygienic coating means that droplets of water simply bead off. 

"…Our main focus was on combining in an entirely new way comfort, functionality and design in a harmonious whole. The glass panel comes in such a variety of colors that anyone can create their own personal furnishing style."  Dominik Tesseraux, Product Designer

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