Best of the Best: Gaggenau’s Next Gen Collection of Combi-Steam Ovens

The 400 Series Lands on the Robb Report’s 2020 Annual List

Is it just us or is your own social media feed also filled with photos of people proudly posting their next-level improvised quarantine meals?  While we may not see plated food indicative of Bravo’s next “Top Chef,” we are seeing a rise in creativity in the kitchen, a trend that luxury appliance brand, Gaggenau, has been at the forefront of for more than 300 years.  

In 1999, Gaggenau was the first to bring the combi-steam oven into the private kitchen. This introduction created the ideal environment for steam cooking—a unique combination of using humidity with convection to deliver health conscious food with ease. Now, 20 years of refinements and innovation later, the latest 400 Series Combi-Steam Oven is a work of art. 




It has even captured the attention of Robb Report who featured it in their annual “Best of the Best” for 2020, praising it for its sleek, modern design, versatility and healthy lifestyle benefits.    In a year where the home has become more important than ever, Gaggenau believes, “the ability to cook like a professional is a statement of luxury that culinary enthusiasts require.” 

The new technologically advanced 400 series combi-steam ovens have several progressive features:  Home Connect technology, a degree accurate multicore temperature probe, automatic programs including the ability to modify or record your own dish, a 33 percent increased oven capacity and a full surface grill behind ceramic glass.  The new oven cavity fills the full width of the appliance, enabling more space for culinary masterpieces. New, glare-free, emotive lighting through invisible LEDs directs light towards the back and highlights food that deserves admiration. It also has an automatic cleaning system, taking out the hassle-filled chore of manually clearing the oven of grease and grime after every use.  

With its minimalist, sleek design made from stainless steel and glass, the 400 Series has an understated elegance and beauty that blends seamlessly with any style kitchen. It’s the kind of oven that interior designers and architects love to spec, and their health-conscious, food-loving clients can get behind.  And although we are living in unprecedented times, two things remain abundantly clear: luxury is important and so is creating the perfect foodstagram post!




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