AXOR's Summer 2020 Brand Campaign Evokes Feelings of Nostalgia

AXOR PLACES Sells a “Piece of the World” in Each MyEdition Faucet

Memories are inseparably tied to the places we’ve been.  Whether the very thought of said place triggers a memory or the focus of the memory is the place itself. And the best part of our memories is no two are ever the same and there is no way to constrain the curious nature of our imaginations.

The brand campaign "AXOR Places" explores the places of memory of Axor design partners, such as Jean-Marie Massaud, Phoenix Design or Philippe Starck. The designers share their personal memories: an isolated Victorian stone house, the vast, icy deserts of the frozen Lake Baikal, and the beautiful and curious nature of the sea.  “AXOR Places,” allows us to vicariously live through their designers’ stories, “Place of Memory,” drawing a connection between consumer and faucet.    

For example, Philippe Starck, who has been collaborating with AXOR since 1992, draws creativity from our Earth as a whole.  Nature, in particular the sea, fuels his work through the crashing of waves, the depths of the unknown and sheer power the body of water brings to him.   


With AXOR PLACES, the idea is to awaken your emotions through sight, smell and touch—through materiality and its origins, based upon the designer’s recollection.   The message is as simple as it is obvious:  a piece of the world is brought into the bathroom.  Aerial photography by Tom Hegen compliments the campaign on a visual level. The pictures connect the personal, `Places of Memory´ from AXOR design partners with the countless possibilities the MyEdition faucet collection offers consumers—specifically through wood, marble & leather. 

Creation process of the AXOR MyEdition marble slab

Walnut, revered for its beauty and timeless elegance, comes from sustainably managed forests in North America and Canada. It is cultivated and processed according to socially and ecologically responsible aspects. The finished plate speaks to the senses of touch and vision: it feels seamlessly smooth and skillfully refined. The wood keeps its natural color and develops an especially individualized radiance. 


Marble, produced in this thin format is an extraordinary feat of craftsmanship. Calcite marble is chosen for its durable and stable structure. Only pieces with especially beautiful veining are selected; the edges and gloss must be just right; production requires minimum tolerances. Mining in the quarry consists of splitting large, heavy blocks weighing about forty tons and transporting them into the valley where they are raw cut many times until they become plates. Processing the plates presents the greatest challenge for specialists because the thin stone can easily be broken. Their work must be meticulous right down to the last detail. 

Leather is luxurious and warm to the touch and its durability around water has long been proven by its use on yachts. The hides come from cattle from southern Germany or Austria. The hide is split down to a thickness of one millimeter so that it can be used to cover delicate objects just as the AXOR MyEdition mounting plate. Most of the processing is still done meticulously by hand, such as sewing the cover plate or applying the AXOR logo with a hot stamp. 

 As consumers, we tend to buy products with a story.  So, the question is, do any of these stories speak to you?

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